#8 Lamar Jackson
Woodville, Mississippi, Wilkinson County Christian Academy
Freshman Season Football Highlights
Class of 2015


Underclassman Jackson Aims to Make Name for Himself

Watch out: Lamar Jackson is hungry for success.

The talented 5-foot-5, 150 lbs. (soaking wet) DB started as a freshman last season and made quite the impact registering 51 tackles, four picks and 11 pass breakups on defense—earning first team all-district honors.

The WCCA Rams staff also sparingly called upon Jackson to deliver the goods on offense as a running back and receiver. The 2012 version of the Rams will most likely see the versatile sophomore getting more opportunities to display his play making abilities on offense.

On defense Jackson exhibits good cover skills and he possesses the innate ability to adjust to the ball while it’s in the air. The most impressive part of his game to me, however, is watching him quickly react to the run and fearlessly come up and attack the ball carrier. Jackson is a solid tackler! Something you don’t often see from today’s defensive backs.

If this young man is as hungry for success as he seems to be and he continues to perfect his craft and to develop his physique he will have a strong chance of becoming a targeted class of 2015 DB prospect.

Fortunately, for exemplary guidance Jackson will have at his disposal one of the all-time best defensive backs to ever play the game.  Kansas City Chief Hall of Fame cornerback Albert Lewis is WCCA’s defensive coordinator.

Young Jackson—you’re in good hands—take advantage of all that knowledge, son.

Will Cummings, General Manager